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German beer for wholesaler only!

Brinkhoff`s No. 1 is a Premium Pils brewed according to the recipe of the first masterbrewer, Fritz Brinkhoff.

It is an easily digestible Pils with an alcohol content of 5 %.

Brinkhoff`s No. 1 develops it`s unmistakeable taste best when drunk at a temperature of about 7-9 degree.

Lively and full-flavoured to the taste, fresh and convivial, with a simply unique appearance.

Brinkhoff`s No 1 available in:

0,33 l non-returnable bottle

0,5 l can

keg 30 l

keg 50 l.



Our special promotion offer:

Product: Brinkhoff`s

No. 1 -Cans-

500 ml Can, 24 cans, 72 trays on 24 Europalets,

total of 41.472 Cans

inclusive tax and delivery (only in the south UK).

Promotion Price: GBP 0,75/Can + VAT


Minimum order 1 Lorry only !

Prices for keg 30 l or 50 l on request.

If you require more information, please let us know and send us your E-Mail.


Radio and Television Remote Control *

Brinkhoff`s No. 1 bottles

Brinkhoff`s No. 1 bottles, 330 ml,

Tray of 4 six-packs, 54 trays on 33 Europalets

total of 42.768 bottles

inclusive tax and delivery (only in the south UK).

Promotion Price: GBP 0,66/bottle + VAT



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